Times: 09:00 to 18:30

Price: £20 per person

Enjoy a day combining ancient history with a beautiful boat trip and delicious lunch. See the sunken ancient city from a boat, visit the Simena Castle and enjoy the crystal clear turquoise waters of the coves around Kekova - a place not to be missed. The trip includes transfers(50 minutes with the minubus), boat trip, lunch and guiding service.


1- Kekova Boat Trip: From Kaş Harbour (Not Recommended if you are prone to seasickness)

Once you get picked from your accommodation around 9am for the 30 minute drive to the Kaş harbour. The boat leaves the harbour around 10:15 and sails along the beautiful coastline to the Kekova National Park. The boat journey to the Kekova will take around 3 hours including a 30-minute swimming stop along the way. It is a lovely long boat journey each way for those who love being at sea. Please note that the sea can get choppy which may make some people seasick.

Once in Kekova you will stop at both the Aquarium Bay with lunch and Kaleköy for 1 hour (Simena Castle). Along the way the boat will make a quick tour over the sunken city.




2- Kekova Boat Trip: From Ucagiz Village (Recommended for everyone)

We collect you from your accommodation around 09:00 for the 50 minute land journey to the village of Üçağız which is in the Kekova region.

The boat leaves around 10:20 and it goes directly to the Kekova National Park, saving you the longer boat journey described in the first itinerary.

The first stop will be at the Aquarium Bay for a swimming stop and also serve the morning tea. The second stop will be at the Shipyard Bay where ships were built during Lycian times. There are some ruins along the beach as well as some underwater that you can snorkel over and around.

Next you will cruise over the sunken city as our guide tells you about the history and points out when to look through the glass bottom of the boat. As ıt is prohibited to swim or stop over the ruins so the boat will continue to move.

After finishing the tour of the sunken city you will go to Gökkaya Bay, where lunch will be served on board. The bay is also a nice place to swim and to see the CARETTA CARETTA (sea turtles) and possibly swim with them. After that you head to another swim stop at Burc Bay, known for its cold water fed by underground springs. The next stop will be Pirate Cave but swimming is prohibited there because of the Mediterranean seals and as long as the coast guard is not around our captain will take the boat inside the cave.

The final stop is at Kaleköy, located just beneath the Simena Castle. You will have an hour, during which you can walk up to castle and see the amazing view of KEKOVA or walk around the island to see how the ancient and modern structures blend together. You can enjoy homemade ice cream in the waterfront cafes or just snorkel around the island and the famous half-submerged Lycian Tomb.

Then it is time to head back to Üçağız and the captain will ask if you want one last swimming stop. You will also be served afternoon refreshments.

Once you have returned to Üçağız, we will drive you back to your accommodation.

If your preference is to swim more and if you don´t mind the bus journey then we recommend the second tour which leaves from Ucagiz Village.


All Kekova Boat Trips: Transfers are included. We serve lunch onboard. Included in the price is your tour guide who will tell you about the history of the area.

Drinks are extra and we have everything onboard so you should only take a small beach bag with you for the day.

Make your choice and let us know. We will organize the best tour for you.