Times: 08:00 to 17:30

Price: £30 per person

Kastelorizo, current official name in Greek is Μεγίστη/Megisti; (Turkish: Meis , Italian: Castelrosso), is a small Greek island located in the Eastern Mediterranean. It lies roughly 1300 metres off the south coast of Turkey, about 110 km east of Rhodes, almost halfway between Rhodes and Antalya. It has gone by several different names in its history, including Castellorizo, Castelrosso, Meis.

The meaning of its current official name Megisti (Μεγίστη) is "Biggest", a seemingly ironic choice since, at only 4 square miles (10 km²) in area, it is the smallest of the Dodecanese. The name, however, refers to the fact that it is the biggest of the small archipelago.


You will be collected from your accommodation and taken on the short journey to Kas. In the ferry office they will collect your passports for customs. Once you board the ferry the journey to Meis takes 30 minutes. When you arrive you can go directly to the island and bypass customs. While you are on the island you will be free to do anything that is on offer. Around 16:00 you will return to the ferry where you can shop in duty-free shop before departing. When you return to Kas your passport will be returned to you and you will be taken back to your accommodation.


Price includes the return trip to Kaş and the return ferry ticket.

The island has some attractions such as boat trips to the blue cave and beach tours.

There is a short taxi tour around the island and tasty Greek food.

You need your passport with you for customs. 

Any currency is okay to spend but there are exchange facilities at the ferry office.



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