Times: 09:30 to 16:30

Price: £25 per person

An exciting day of sun, fun and nature means canoeing along the beautiful Xanthos River in Patara National Park.

No canoeing experience is required to participate in this exhilarating excursion. In fact, if you have never tried it before, there is no better place to give it a go! In addition to teaching you about canoeing, your experienced guides will introduce you to one of the region´s most natural and unspoilt areas.



We will collect you from your hotel or villa and drive you to Xanthos, about 15 minutes away. When you arrive at the starting point your guides will show you how to use the canoes. Once you set off, you will canoe for approximately 1.5 hours and then you will make your first stop for a mud bath. After that you will continue on for 45 minutes and then stop for an outdoor BBQ lunch. After lunch there is another 1.5 hours of canoeing to reach Patara Beach where you will be given 30 minutes of free time. Then we will take you back to your hotel or villa.


You should wear old clothing as you will be having a mud bath and then washing yourself in the river.

You should bring towels, sunglasses, sunscreen and an extra t-shirt to protect your legs from the sun.

Drinks are available but extra so you need some cash as well.

Canoeing is truly one of the most exciting things to do near Kalkan.



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